Mariza Pink Sapphire Ring
Mariza Pink Sapphire Ring
Mariza Pink Sapphire Ring

Mariza Pink Sapphire Ring

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18KG / CS:4.1 ct 20 pcs/ 3.07 gold wt.

18 inch / 45.72 cm 
Adjustable ball chain.

Necklace with round emerald stone for all the emerald lovers out there. This necklace can be worn by itself or you can add more necklaces to layer it. 

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Gold Wt: the weight of gold in each item.
D: Diamond

Cut Stones:
Emerald: EM
Marquise: MQ
Round: RD
Pear: Pear
Princess: PR
Oval: OV

4 c’s
Color: How colorless the diamond is.
Clarity: How clean the diamond is of inclusions and blemishes.
Cut: Quality of the angles, proportions, facets, and finishing details.
Carat (ct): unit of weight for precious stones and pearls, now equivalent to 200 milligrams.

We use different types of gold

10KG: 41.7% gold, 58.3% alloy.

14KG: 58.3% gold, 41.7% alloy 

18KG: 75% gold, 25% alloy.

Alloy: a metal made by combining two or more metallic elements, especially to give greater strength or resistance to corrosion.