About Us


FAÏA Fine Jewelry
was born from the idea to inspire customers to
bring their own personalities and lifestyles through jewelry making it part of their daily wear.

All of our jewelry is carefully designed and curated making it easier for our clients to find classic pieces with a modern twist in a accesible and safe way, making each purchase more fun and less stressful.

We recognize that jewelry is an investment, so we are in a continuous search for the best practices in the industry working with ethical and fair prices to become your go to store and be part of your journey.

In an industry dominated by men for a long time, women have been making their way into it in the last decade. We like to empower women through our brand by changing the misconception that jewelry should be bought by men as a gift to women and transition it to women buying jewelry for themselves as well as men giving another men a beautiful piece of jewelry embracing all kinds of love, self love and shows of affection.

About Renee

Born in Mexico, Renee was always interested in creativity, fashion and new tendencies. She graduated from Tecnológico de Monterrey in Marketing and Communication, after working in the marketing industry she decided to start a new journey which combined her passion for aesthetic design as well as marketing skills which took her to the wholesale industry at the Diamond District in New York, attending to some of the most important shows in America like JCK and JIS. 
She did her AJP and Graduated Gemologist in GIA (Gemological Institute of America) and is currently finishing her studies to become a Graduated Gemologist.